Welcome to the home page of the Trinadgey Series. Each week, an episode is released dealing with the events taking place within the series. Warring factions, adventure and secrets best left unspoken await the reader in this collection of writings, 20 years in the making!

The series is comprised of multiple stories that take place across multiple timelines.

Let's jump right in to a brief introduction!

Many generations ago, a powerful race of beings set out to begin a pilgrimage throughout the universe.

This race was known as the Ga’Rayn. Although limited in numbers, they possessed the ability to turn tides of battle in conflict and end large scale wars, while some would say, perhaps even starting their own.

The last of their kind, this race was said to appear roughly every 100 years, in the skies of a new world.

Their ship, so large, could darken even the brightest of days, and so brilliantly lit, could light up the darkest of night skies.

Upon their arrival to this new world, they would select one element of the planet to become a Champion of its species. To some, this “choice” was considered the highest honor among the galaxy, due to the knowledge and ability the Ga’Rayn would bestow upon their Champion.

To others, however, this choice was considered a curse and was not always welcome by certain inhabitants of the worlds the Ga’Rayn would arrive on.

At times, even, skirmishes would turn into full scale rebellions against the Ga’Rayn arrival. These were quite rare, however, as not every species was even aware of their travels and history.

The Ga’Rayn were not warriors by heart, but their abilities and heavy firepower on the Trinadgey ship made them a force to be reckoned with. The conflicts would be over just as quickly as they started.

After the arrival of the Ga’Rayn, and the selection of their Champion, the chosen “one” would board the Trinadgey ship in a small, but illustrious, ceremony.

It was at this point, for almost 100 years, the ship would go dormant. No movement. No sound.

The natural effects of the world would rain down from violent storms, raging winds and temperatures ranging from the bitter cold to extreme heat, depending on the planet’s environmental composition.

Like clockwork, however, on the 100th year being on the planet, the ship would come to life and its doors opening for the world’s selected Champion to emerge.

It is said this Champion, although still resembling their original form going in, would appear to have an energy about him and possess knowledge and wisdom from the grand teachings of Trenadnue.

Trenadnue was said to be a book, filled with ancient knowledge and power of the cosmos. The book is also said to be the heart of the ship and acts as the spiritual direction of the Ga’Rayn, with pre-determined star chart routes as to the next location and next selected “Champion”.

It is not known where the book of Trenadnue comes, nor where it’s writings stem from, but what is known, however, is the book is heavily sought after by those who would wish to do harm, or worse, to others.

Possessing the book would give ultimate knowledge. Possessing Trinadgey would give ultimate power. Between the two, the line between war and peace would blur and, in the wrong hands, entire civilizations could fall.

The newly appointed Champion knows this. Sworn and bound by the laws of Trenadnue, the Champion is to protect and preserve peace on their world. They are to maintain the balance between right vs wrong, as the dark forces that seek to destroy the universe, exist and will stop at nothing to possess Trinadgey.

To aid in the Champion’s quest for balance, the 100 years onboard Trinadgey were filled with training, knowledge and conditioning on how to yield a great power. With this power, however, came its downfalls.

Once the Champion took his rightful place back among their species, The Ga’Rayn and Trinadgey would depart, to begin the next pilgrimage.

It was upon one of these quests the selected Champion underwent a terrifying transformation and would forever change the fate of the universe.

An ancient power meeting an ancient evil, a war of supremacy had begun and a war for Trinadgey was raging.

Total war broke out…

To control the ship, is to control life…

Fast Forward many millennia

Skyler was a normal kid.

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, he was not the most popular in school and was part of a busy family that struggled to keep food on the table.

During his childhood, one neighborhood girl, was his best friend. Kali and Skyler were pals to the end. They shared many cuts and scrapes from ramp jumping their skateboards, to even their first kiss in their teen years.

Kali always suspected Skyler was special, and Skyler always felt something so binding and comforting about Kali.

Between the two, they would endure many hardships in their lives growing up, including, the lead up to adult years of college and the parting of ways that followed.

However, both of their lives were about to come full circle with a dark past that has caught up to them.

In between this chaos, lies the balance of mankind and the future of our species.

Fear is a powerful enemy, but fate a powerful ally.

For the light which you serve and the darkness you shall not fear…

Welcome to Trinadgey – Series 1 – Pvetraus Rising.